Summer Cooling Tips — CUB Energy Saver

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Summer Cooling Tips — CUB Energy Saver

Tips to Keep You Cool and Comfortable This Summer:

• Instead of switching on your AC, open windows on opposite sides of your house. If you can’t create a cross-breeze, use fans to move air through your home. Ready to take this step and save?

• In the cooler hours of the evening and early morning, open your windows instead of using air conditioning. Use a window fan, blowing toward the outside, to pull cool air in through other windows and to push hot air out.

• Avoid placing lamps or TV sets near your room air-conditioning thermostat. If the thermostat senses heat from these appliances, the air conditioner will run longer than necessary.

For more ways to save on air conditioning costs, check out Advice on Air Conditioning.

• During the day, close coverings on windows that get direct sunlight. Sunlight can significantly raise the temperature inside your home in the summer. On the hottest days, keep these windows closed with the blinds shut. External awnings and shade trees also provide excellent shade for windows. Ready to take this step and save?

• While cooking, use the exhaust fan in your range hood to remove hot air from your kitchen. The savings in your cooling costs far outweigh the electricity used by the fan.

• Whenever you can, use a microwave or grill outside instead of oven cooking. Ovens take longer to cook food and can make your house warmer, therefore requiring your air conditioning system to work harder to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

• Don’t forget to use your bath fan to remove heat and moisture generated by showers.

• On hot days, delay heat-producing tasks, such as dishwashing, baking, or doing laundry, until the cooler evening hours or early morning.

• When you open your pool for the summer season, upgrade to an energy-efficient pool pump. You can save as much as 75% off your usual pumping bill.

• Are you turning the lights off in order to keep cool? Switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs emit 90% of their energy as heat while CFL bulbs produce only a fraction of the heat and don’t waste electricity. So, you can keep the lights on and stay cool.

• When washing all of your summer linens for storage, wash them at the coldest appropriate temperature. Not only do cooler temps help your washables last longer, but they also use less energy. Ready to take this step and save?

• For even more savings, you can hang wet clothes and linens outside to dry instead of running your clothes dryer. Ready to take this step and save?

• Barbecuing with your friends and family is part of what summer is all about. Did you know it’s also energy efficient? When you cook outside, you save on cooling since your air conditioner won’t have to counteract all the heat that the stove or oven produces.

• Add this to the list of good reasons to encourage your kids to put down the video games and go play outside: it reduces energy costs. The latest gaming systems use more energy than most other electronic devices in the house; and the newer and more powerful the system is, the more electricity it sucks up. Then, when your kids put down the controllers, remember to power off the gaming system.


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