Why healthy sustainable home designs? How about 84 Billion reasons

Why am I so interested in healthy and sustainable housing? Well the primary reason is because it makes sense to want to live in a healthy environment in built homes that are using resources that will not be gone in 100 years. The idea of designing and building without regard for the impact on the occupants health or the availability of resources and environmental impact of our future generations (my children) is in comprehensible. May nay-sayers balk at these ideas as nonsense but the world population has already doubled in my short time here on earth and it will double again by the time my daughter reaches her adult life.

It is inevitable that path cannot be sustained. So where does this leave us? In my opinion if you’re not interested in these principles at least you may be interested in business opportunity because they are real and if you have vision they are very real. Look at this study and consider if nothing else look at the idea of healthy sustainable design as a real and economically viable business opportunity worth pursuing. Regardless the reason all I am interested in is the end results of healthy sustainable and environmentally responsible design/builds.



While conditions in residential construction throughout many parts of the world may be challenging right now, those seeking long term growth opportunities need look no further than the green building and energy efficient housing sector.Indeed, over the next decade, the value of work done in energy efficient residential dwellings – properties which are built to exceed the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code by 15 per cent on a kilowatt-hour per square foot basis – will grow by around sixfold from around US$14 billion now to around US$84 billion in 2020 according to a report from Pike Research, a global market research and consulting firm specializing in clean energy.

Check out the full story here via Pocket : $84 Billion in Green Building Residential Opportunities.


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