Visual look at NYC carbon dioxide output in 2010

In 2010 New York City released 54 metric tons of CO into the atmosphere. That is two tons per second! 75% of the output came from buildings.

What does this mean exactly? Here is visual look at the carbon dioxide output of New York City in the course of one day, one month and one year.

With one of the best public transportations systems in the world, individual New Yorkers tend to have smaller carbon footprints than typical Suburbanites, but with a population of over 8.2 million, the carbon footprint for the city itself is pretty outrageous. This visualization shows what it would look like if all of the carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles, buildings, factories, and people could be captured in “bubbles.” Each turquoise orb represents one ton of CO2, which would fill a sphere with a diameter of 33 feet, and as of now two are released every second in the Big Apple!


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