Chart Your Wealth Building for 2016 and beyond!

.It is a new year. We reflect and look forward as we transition from 2015 into 2016. Another year. A lot can be accomplished but in order to be the highly productive successful person you are…

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It is a new year. Are you still keeping your new resolutions? We usually focus on our health resolutions but what about your wealth resolutions? Are you interested in making your financial resolutions matter in 2016? Here is my personal invitation to join me at one of my upcoming Investment Workshops on building wealth over time. The two part workshop focuses in financial wealth and establishing your goals and working towards them. Creating and nurturing an investors mindset versus a consumers mindset. 

February 27 (10am start), March 2 (6pm start) or March 5 (10am start) are up next and open for registration. They will be held in Lincoln Park with details to follow. There are no fees for the workshops and no obligations (no pressure and promise no sales).

Make a difference in your life and come let’s talk about financial freedom and building wealth through real estate investments.  

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See on Scoop.itReal Estate Investment: Building Wealth Over Time


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