The idea of a healthy home seems so simple but what does it really mean? What should you be looking for when you go to buy your next home? What about your current home? How healthy is it? Where can you make it healthier? What should you consider when you renovate your existing home to make an educated decision about the impact the materials, design and systems you choose (or which were chosen for us) to operate your home? This also includes the products we buy to maintain our homes or keep them clean and down to the daily practices which becomes routine.

This is about breaking routine and becoming aware of where healthy improvements can be made from the simplest of changes to the more complex concepts which involve our homes, housing design, architectural standards, community and global standards, legislative and governing laws and how we all can be more connected to our roles as stewards of the environment – both our homes indoor environment and our community and global environments. Each decision and routine scales out to that level.

I want to get my head around the choices we take for granted which can have major consequences on my health, the health of my family and my community and the entire global community…I want this blog to be a place where we can share ideas, resources, methods, links and tools for talking about but most importantly implementing topics related to a sustainable future of our healthy homes, offices, classrooms and communities.

Follow our posts, add your own comments and let’s move this idea of healthy homes and healthy environments forward.

Live Well. Be Well.


Jim Gramata has a Master of architecture from the University of Illinois Chicago and studied under such prominent design leaders as Peter Eisenman, Stanley Tigerman, Helmut Jahn, Douglas Garafolo, Ken Isaacs and  Robert Somol.

Jim worked with Peter Eisenman in New York City for a period before he returned to Chicago and started his design/build firm The Gramata Development Corporation: a neighborhood residential development company GDC, Inc is dedicated to deliver to the public innovative and unique architectural designs and high-quality, dependably built sustainable homes which reflect the goal of being stewards of the environment.  Their primary interest is to create an exquisitely complex architecture reflective of the multi-valent nature of contemporary culture. Their mission is to create new, contemporary living spaces that meet the needs of our complex lifestyles without impacting our environment and with a well planned low footprint impact in all phases of development. Their refocus is to further evolve the amazing progress in the prefab sustainable design/build arena and to one day bring high quality and sustainable affordable living to the community and beyond.

Jim also is manging broker of The Gramata Realty Group which is our residential real estate sales & marketing arm of the business. Their mission is to successfully apply their wide range of sustainable sales, marketing and management skills for each of our buyer, seller, developer and investor clients and also to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction to their goals.

“Our company is ready to fulfill all of your real estate needs in and around Chicago. Our goal is to provide the most honest consultation and the highest quality of services.

Our vision is to be the neighborhood real estate professionals of choice in Chicago while providing the latest advances in housing sales, marketing, design and build services for each of our buyer, seller, developer and investor clients. Healthy homes and communities is at the forefront of  our entire business mission. ”

~ Jim Gramata M.Arch, GREEN


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