Affordable Community Development

Initiative Mission and Vision

The general concept here is to adapt new systems and technologies with the healthy homes mission to our local communities’ affordable housing mission. The proposed mission would be to stabilize the surrounding distressed buildings and vacant parcels within the Chicago community while educating and training the local residents in sustainable models for green construction and redevelopment. The construction models would be green, affordable and replicable. The vision of the initiative is that once the surrounding in-fill housing sites and vacant parcels have begun to be redeveloped and the community is re-stabilized, then the initiative would re-focus the newly trained community residents and builders to apply their learned skills and businesses to available sites throughout the city and state.

Here is an outline of the key goals of my Healthy Affordable Housing community initiative concept:

– Support and redevelop the existing distressed and abandoned properties and create an affordable and sustainable net-zero infill-housing and renovation plan for various infill and parcel development sites within the city of Chicago.

– Listen to community voices through a residents needs analysis, interviews and community meetings.

– Focus on training local residents in new sustainable building technologies and methodologies. There are over $84 billion of new business opportunities projected across the globe and we want to give these new tools to the citizens of Chicago so they can live happy and healthy lives.

– Connect residents with community groups to foster job stability and new economic opportunities

– Engage community leadership to participate in the neighborhood community redevelopment

– Work with residents on both their immediate affordable housing needs and long-term employment goals

– Apply to Federal, state and local agencies such as CBDG’s and other redevelopment funding sources



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