What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

A look at how the United Nations reached the 17 SDGs and what they look like.

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17 well articulated global sustainability goals outlined here by the UN. 

But the most important way of achieving the SDGs was touched upon in the UN press conference: “We will need all partners to make this a success.” Multistakeholder partnerships, involving government, the private sector and civil society, have been described as the “glue” that will hold this process together, and will be the only way of ensuring these incredibly ambitious goals are met.”

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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Spectacular Sustainable Homes – YouTube

Green roofs, considered to be an Eco alternative to traditional roof materials such as metal, tile, wood, fiberglass or asphalt are gaining more and more gro…

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Air and Water Show Parachutist in Surgery After Hitting Building: Reports

Two parachutists were injured during Saturday’s show, media reports and an Army official said.

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Air and Water Show Parachutist in Surgery After Hitting Building: Reports via @DNAinfoCHI http://dnain.fo/1DVWD45

Lincoln Park’s Chicago Food and Wine Fest: $550 ‘all-in’ pass. I’d rather fly to Napa…

Expect to see wine and spirit brands from around the country, ranging from Michigan to California.

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For the cost of this all in admission fee (which does include a lot) the reward does not seem to match the price for admission. There are lower single day admissions but this is steep. Flights to Napa are lower than the all in pass

Median Sales Price for 8007 – CHI – Lincoln Park and more

Source: mred.stats.10kresearch.com

Single family homes continue to soar in Lincoln Park up 15.5% in just the past 12 months. Add in new construction and you’re over 22% median sales price increase in one year! Low supply and buyer demand continue to push the hot neighborhood into new pricing levels. 

It’s official: goodbye Code for Sustainable Homes

The government has officially put an end to eco-housing yardstick, the Code for Sustainable Homes

Source: www.architectsjournal.co.uk

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Study links radon levels in Pennsylvania homes to fracking

A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers links elevated levels of radioactive radon in Pennsylvania homes to the flurry of natural gas wells drilled across the state using the controversial technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”…

Source: www.baltimoresun.com

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Why Metal Buildings Are a Sustainable Option – Greener Ideal

Going green, sustainable living, eco-friendly – however you refer to it, this way of life has become the trend in the last few years as more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of this movement.

Source: www.greenerideal.com

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Simplicity Rules: Streamlined Yet Sophisticated

Many luxury buyers seek homes with complicated floor plans, high-end finishes and the latest technology. But architects’ homes are often simple, sophisticated structures that merely look expensive.

Source: www.wsj.com

simple is good. The trick is making the complex appear simple. That is a great design challenge many do not quite find.

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LivingHomes sustainable prefab houses are judged by their own standard

Back in 2013, Gizmag covered the launch of the C6 sustainable prefab homes from LivingHomes. The residences were designed to be low-cost and to be LEED Platinum certified. Since then, the company h…

Source: www.infocrowler.com

My absolute fav prefab sustainably minded LEED developers. Setting the new standard for healthy and sustainable homes. C6 is HERE!

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Developer aims to convert funeral home to retail, apartments

Ten units and a restaurant are planned for the Lakeview property.

Source: www.chicagobusiness.com

I am surprised the zoning (or community groups) would not allow more units on this site in Lincoln Park. Let’s hope Lou Mitchell’s is the restaurant tenant!

Average Sales Price for Single Family homes up 11.8% in Lincoln Park

Source: mred.stats.10kresearch.com

Not only are prices up but number of homes seller per month continues to rise significantly. In January, 2012, 59 homes closed. In January 2013 we closed 78 homes with an average sales price of $1.888M. In 2013 we closed out 87 homes at an average sales price of $2.009M or up 6.4%. That trend continues. In January 2015 101 homes closed escrow at an average sales price of $2.246M or up 11.8% from the previous year. 

Median Sales Prices for Condos in Lincoln Park up 9.4% since 2013

Source: mred.stats.10kresearch.com

So far this year we are seeing a flat 1.6% increase in median sales prices since 2014 however a healthy 9.4% since 2013. I do expect the market prices to remain in the growth path however not nearly as improved as the 2013 increase. Check out the interactive graph and three year trend here. 

Who would have guessed that Lincoln Park was seeing population loss?

Chicago’s affluent North Side has lost a lot of people. That’s a problem for businesses, residents of moderate means and anyone who would like to move there but can’t afford to.

Source: www.chicagobusiness.com

I could have guessed this. What draws people into the community? It is too expensive for many to live here and the rental market continues to push more residents out. Besides the DePaul bars is there a stretch people decide to go to on the weekends? Not really.  

This is one reason we need to look positively on the revised density plan of Children’t Memorial Hospital redevelopment plan. There are affordable set-asides, senior housing, condos and lots of retail. Hopefully the politics will end next week after the aldermanic elections and we can begin the long over due and long debated redevelopment of the hospital site. Hopefully before the next wave of a recession hits us so the retail can take root and revitalize the area of Lincoln Park. 

What Buyers Want in a Green Home

Source: www.realtor.org

heating and cooling costs are a common buyer interest but trending too for younger buyers is the cost to commute

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CMK pays $33 million for riverside land in South Loop

The developer’s not talking about its plans, but two sites could accommodate thousands of residential units, transforming an area only now beginning to take shape as a neighborhood.

Source: www.chicagobusiness.com

I called this the $40 million dog park because that’s what the current owners used it for since they bought it 4-5 years ago. Glad to see CMK is moving it forward. It seems prime.

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With $1 Billion Invested And $100 Entry Points, Real Estate Crowdfunding Grows Up

Real estate crowdfunding is proving to be much more than a fad.

Source: www.forbes.com

This new investment platform has huge potential now that SEC has opened the door

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Useful Investment Guide » Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You In The Real Estate Market

Simple Tips And Tricks To Help You In The Real Estate Market – http://t.co/7NrdPoxTkR

Source: www.investmentguide4u.com

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Illinois seizing clean-energy funds to balance budget

A House-passed short-term budget fix to plug a $1.6 billion shortfall would snatch nearly $100 million in ratepayer-funded money to invest in renewable energy projects.

Source: www.chicagobusiness.com

The carrot has been and will always be a new revenue stream for governments and corporations to get on board. Illinois needs this funding back in the budget for people, profit and planet. 

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Green Building Efficiency and Design Approval | Sustainable Cities Collective

A world leader in sustainable innovation, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has achieved the Living Building Challenge for its Center for Sustainable Landscapes, a facility that houses groundbreaking sustainability research and science…

Source: sustainablecitiescollective.com

The Living Building Challenge is one of the most rigorous standards today. This is an amazing accomplishment for Phipps Conservatory.