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Chicago Mayor Jump starts the Electric Vehicle Industry

Mayor Emanuel Jump starts the Electric Vehicle Industry

Last week, Mayor Emanuel joined city, state and federal leaders to make a number of important announcements with respect to electric vehicles and batteries: a $15 million incentive program to encourage the adoption of electric trucks; Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corp. opening an electric-vehicle factory in Chicago; a new procurement program that will encourage city contractors to purchase electric vehicles; and a dramatic expansion of the city’s commitment to building an energy-efficient fleet. The week was capped off with the announcement of a historic partnership and a $120 million investment in Argonne National Laboratory that will turn Chicago into a world-renowned battery hub.

These five initiatives fit into one broad strategy that addresses every aspect of electronic vehicles, from their conception and design to their construction to, ultimately, their presence on our streets. In line with Goals #11 and 12 of the Mayor’s roadmap, Sustainable Chicago 2015, this strategy will lead to Chicago becoming the electric-vehicle epicenter for Illinois, the Midwest and beyond.



Citizens Utility Board | Saving Money | Electric/Gas Choice | Electric Competition: What ComEd customers should know

Who has jumped the ComEd ship? Mayor Emmanual just announced they may move the City of Chicago away from Com Ed and into these alternative energy sources which can save as much as 30% on electric bills I read.

In northern Illinois, you can choose Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), the regulated utility, to supply you with power, or go with alternative suppliers.

Remember, even if you choose an alternative supplier, you’re simply buying electricity from that company. ComEd will still bill you to deliver the electricity to your home, and you’ll still call the utility in the event of a power outage.

While it’s an interesting development in the electric market, long-term savings are not guaranteed. The jury is still out on whether residential competition is going to bring real value to consumers in the long

Citizens Utility Board | Saving Money | Electric/Gas Choice | Electric Competition: What ComEd customers should know.