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How to get ahead in sustainable living.

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The GuardianHow to get ahead in … sustainable livingThe GuardianAdvising tenants on how to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their energy costs is becoming part of the core skills expected of frontline housing officers.

Jim Gramata‘s insight:

Sustainable living starts with healthy homes and having these core sustainable principles to all aspects of our built environment.

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What Makes Radiant Flooring Sustainable?

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What makes radiant flooring so green and such a smart home heating solution? Why has Warmboard heated flooring been green since inception? (What Makes Radiant #Flooring #Sustainable?

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I usually don’t promote articles that are from manufacturer’s unless I see some actual value or potential value in the product or services. This warmboard idea is something to tuck away for that next radiant flooring project requiring a LEED certified system.

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Green Gadget Holiday Gifts | Green Holiday

Green Gadget Holiday Gifts | Green Holiday Gift Guide http://ow.ly/fVTPB ^HH

2012′s best green gadgets for eco conscious buyers | Eco Arrivals


2012′s best green gadgets for eco conscious buyers

With 2013 creeping up on us, now it’s time to look back and pick the best green gadgets that tickled the eco-fancies of gadget lovers in 2012. Most of the gadgets enlisted below might be different in their core functionalities, still they share some of the points in common, which include minimal use of toxic materials, reliance on renewable power, focus on longevity and finally, subjection to e-cycling at the end of their lives. While EPEAT and Greenpeace’s ratings provide enough verification of their environmentally friendly status, user experience, however, is the greatest determinant for sure, we believe.

Have a look at the greenest gadgets of the year 2012:

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100% Sustainable: Product Design

100% Sustainable: Product Design | Inhabitat – #Sustainable #Design #Innovation, #Eco #Architecture, #Green #Building http://ow.ly/fTzhg ^HH