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Green Celebrity Homes. Oh the excitement

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Celebrities building green, environmentally friendly homes inspire homeowners Green Celebrity Network Celebrities building green, environmentally friendly homes are being lauded for making sustainable lifestyle efforts.
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How Do the Top Brands for Refrigerators Rank on Energy Efficiency?

How Do the Top Brands for Refrigerators Rank on Energy Efficiency?

Great article from Home Energy Magazine outline and graphically showing significant differences and efficiencies from various brands and locations. Great article and keeper.

Before jumping at the next sale on refrigerators, you should be aware that fridge 
energy costs range from $277 to as high as $2,898 over the lifetime of the product.
Yes, you read that right. You may find, based on energy costs, it is cheaper to buy 
a state of the art new fridge than keep your old one. Just as MPG (miles per gallon) 
measures the fuel efficiency of cars, the Enervee Score ranks the energy efficiency 
of electronics and appliances by making it super easy to choose the best product with 
the highest score to save you money.

From: Enervee.com

This report answers the following questions:

  1. How much does an energy efficient fridge save? Choosing the most energy efficient 25 cubic feet Refrigerator can easily save $769 over 12 years.

  2. What is the most energy efficient refrigerator type? Top freezer models are far more efficient then any other type.

  3. Does size really make a difference on energy cost? The total volume of a refrigerator is a critical factor for energy consumption. The difference in energy cost between a smaller and a large fridge can be hundreds of dollars over the life span.

  4. Which brands have the most energy efficient refrigerators? Samsung is the energy efficiency leader receiving the “Platinum” award based on having the highest average Enervee Score of 68 across their refrigerators. The “Gold” award was given to LG with an Enervee Score of 66.

  5. Does where you live affect your refrigerator’s energy costs? Electricity rates vary greatly by provider and community. They can be as low as one third or as high as three times the national average.

  6. How much can you save by choosing a fridge with higher Enervee Score? On a 18 – 22 cubic feet fridge you can save almost $800 over 12 years.

You can read more about Enervee here: “Know Your Score: Energy Efficiency Made Easy

US Welcomes New Green Building Standard – DesignBuild Source

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New standards from New standards developed for housing industry including renovation standards and scoring including energy and efficiency of existing buildings. Great progress but is it enough? DesignBuild Source US Welcomes New Green Building Standard DesignBuild Source The American National Standards Institute has approved the 2012 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS), which was developed by the International Code Council
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Green buildings can help encourage green behavior | gallondaily

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More support showing awareness matters and sustainable design can have an impact on behavioral changes towards positive healthier living. Recently published research indicates that sustainable buildings may encourage more environmental behavior among their occupants.
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Home Energy Magazine – Blog :: Californians See Significant Increase in Solar Water Heating Rebates

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved an increase in rebates offered through the California Solar Initiative (CSI)-Thermal Program of up to 45%.

Jim Gramata‘s insight:

If you’re going to start in solar here is a nice entry level approach. Hot Water Heaters although this picture would indicate enough hot water to supply about 10 homes. Small and compact soution to consider…

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Ellis Residence: A Stunning LEED Platinum Home on Bainbridge Island

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Ellis Residence in Bainbridge Island, Washington designed by Coates Design is a LEED Platinum home that shines as an example of modern design made green.


Situated on Yeomalt Bluff overlooking Puget Sound and the Seattle skyline, the Ellis Residence is a renovation that resulted in the reuse of more than 80% of the existing materials. The new home cuts energy consumption by 70% with the innovative use of geothermal heating, photovoltaic energy systems, and smart construction techniques. Other key sustainable features include rainwater collection, FSC and recycled wood products, triple-glazed windows and a green roof…


Jim Gramata‘s insight:

Some great design solutions on this Bainbridge Island escape. Way to go!

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The Biggest Air Leak in Your House You D

The Biggest Air Leak in Your House You Don’t Know About http://ow.ly/gZBCz

Eco-Broker: Simplify Going Green

Image of a couple at home

For home buyers and sellers today, there are many green home certifications as well as options to make existing homes greener. But what makes the most sense for you and your family? What will benefit your health and comfort as well as your budget? With extensive education on what makes homes healthier and more energy and resource efficient, I can help identify green ratings and certifications to address your specific needs and concerns. In addition, I have a network of trusted service professionals who can implement green upgrades that may ultimately increase the efficiency of your home. After all, a home that is green is a home that can help save you green.

Image of men building a house

As an NAR Green Designee, I can help you:

  • Market and sell your green certified home or home with green features.
  • Identify green features and upgrades that offer the best payback period.
  • Connect with industry professionals who can facilitate green upgrades.
  • Identify ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • Take advantage of available tax credits and incentives.

Complete your green home transaction with confidence. Work with an NAR Green Designee. Get started today contacting me directly or by visiting GreenResourceCouncil.org. NAR’s Green Designation is awarded by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).


How healthy is your home? How to start going green gradually and over time

Jim Gramata - Healthy Homes ChicagoHow healthy is your home? or perhaps better… how healthy is your entire home lifestyle? I have researched thousands of articles, blog posts, white papers, books and websites studying the concept of sustainable, ‘green’, safe and healthy homes. I’ve seen the impact unhealthy choices have had on people, families, neighborhoods, communities and our environment through research and stories told. I’ve been appalled at the ‘green washing’ efforts the public is facing from the media which is only adding more confusion to the question of what is true, who can be trusted for a consolidated collection of information of the best path to healthy living.  I am committed to providing an honest introduction to the concepts of living in healthy homes.

Most of us can agree on what makes a home unhealthy. Poor indoor air quality, mold, lead or radon in a home etc. But each definition of what is a healthy home should be self-constructed because each persons efforts and vision may differ, but I believe in order to make educated decisions we must first know what questions to ask in order to define our vision and awareness of what is a healthy homes.

This blog is my effort to share my knowledge, thoughts and resources with homeowners who are unsure about where to begin on making your home (present of future) healthy. It can be so overwhelming.

Many choices were made for you from the previous owners of your home who were stewards of the home. Or they were made by the developers who built your home and who (along with the architect and designer) made so many of the choices of the components that make up the house. They made decisions related to healthy living whether they framed the decision matrix in this light or not. In some cases they did and in others I am sure they did not. 

This blog will also focus on current (or future) homeowners who continues to make maintenance decisions or improvements decisions which may unknowingly be having a harmful effect on your health without you knowing it. This is where the awareness factors is brought to light for readers or followers. 

To me as an architect who makes material choices for renovated or newly built homes I know the consequences are very real on many levels.  As I continued to watch designers and builders make the choices many of them are making, I became committed to publishing a message that these poor choices have consequences. This hopefully will be a wakeup for someone who will take the message to heart and take small steps (or large) to make their homes and neighborhood healthier and safe places to live.

Jim Gramata
The Gramata Realty Group
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How to Replace Weather Stripping

Unfortunately, nothing in your home stays perfect forever. And sometimes it’s not until the colder months that you realize you’ve let something go by the wayside.

Protect your home from air leaks and your wallet from high energy costs by replacing worn weather stripping around windows and doors. It’s an easy DIY project, and will only take a short time from your afternoon while giving you a long-lasting and cost-saving effect.

HouseLogic.com offers up a great guide to this simple home update including installation tips, product suggestions, and more. For the complete article, click here.

Guest Post: Misconceptions About Building Green – Green Building Elements

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Guest Post: Misconceptions About Building Green Green Building Elements There are some additional costs during the construction phase of building green. But the operational and maintenance cost of a green-built home are significantly less.
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In Rural Minnesota, a 70-Acre Lab for Sustainable Living

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Imagine a house that can go without heating for two days in a bitterly cold winter. Or a greenhouse with what may be the largest hot-air solar panel array in North America. (Looking for sustainable building guidance?
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Green Building Trends for 2013 | Inspiring Sustainable End-to-End Supply Chain

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Among the top 10 trends is an increasing focus on retrofits, water, net-zero, and avoiding red-list chemicals.
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ANSI Approves Next Generation of the ICC 700 National Green …

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The resulting ICC 700 National Green Building Standard is the first and only residential green building rating system to undergo the full consensus process and receive approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
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Rochester Memorial School recognized as high performing ‘green’ building – Wicked Local

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Rochester Memorial School recognized as high performing ‘green’ building Wicked Local “Massachusetts School Building Authority has been a strong supporter of sustainable building design throughout the years, and we are thrilled that our schools and…
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U.S. Government Seeing Big Savings From Green Buildings – Greentech Media

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Greentech Media U.S. Government Seeing Big Savings From Green Buildings The U.S. Treasury has always been a place where people could find something green, but this time the term is not referring to money.
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DEWA’s Sustainable Building attracts visitors at WFES 2013 – AME Info

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AME Info DEWA’s Sustainable Building attracts visitors at WFES 2013 AME Info The Supreme Council’s pavilion showcased Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA’s) Sustainable Building, the first green building built for the public sector in the…
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Designers, planners to tackle building health, efficiency – Charleston Gazette

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Designers, planners to tackle building health, efficiency Charleston Gazette.
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Green buildings do actually provide cost savings – gulfnews.com

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gulfnews.com Green buildings do actually provide cost savings gulfnews.com As far as new projects are concerned, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in translating good sustainable designs into sustainable buildings.
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China set to build world’s tallest building…and it’s green – Responding to Climate Change

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Responding to Climate Change China set to build world’s tallest building…and it’s green Responding to Climate Change Not content with building a 30 storey skyscraper in 360 hours, the Chinese firm Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) is now looking to…
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